April & May Update

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Hi everyone! Here is the latest edition of the VP Education blog, detailing what I’ve been up to since the last Parliament. Firstly, I finally graduated! It was an amazing week on campus overall and it was great to see my friends and colleagues graduate too so congratulations to them all. 

I had a really interesting and important opportunity to be involved with the interview process for the new deputy Registrar for Education and Research, an important position at the University. I aimed to ensure that the candidates all had students at the forefront of their minds in terms of what they hoped to achieve at our University, and I left feeling very hopeful about some of the candidates. I know students are keen to know that senior University staff are putting them first, so this was a great process to be a part of. 

As usual, I’ve been involved with lots of different committees. I’ve sat on things like senate and rules of assessment from the University side of things, and Health and safety committee and the Trustee board from the SU perspective. I have continued to work on the new Teaching Education Framework too, attending meetings organised by the Office for Students to increase my knowledge of how the student submission should look. 

I’ve attended Senior staff conference, a WonkHE conference, and a meeting with council members. All three events were predicated upon sharing ideas on how things could be improved for students, and they were really useful and thought-provoking events ahead of next year. 

Students as active participants in their own education has been a project that has been quite prominent in the last month, I chaired the most recent meeting of the working group. As an SU, we’ve been trying to work out how much control students want over their degree, so we can feed this information into this group and decide which ideas to pursue. 

At the forefront of the work I’ve been doing though, has been about the strikes. We’ve been pressing for as much information as possible from the University about how they see the marking boycott going. Their answer so far has been a consistent one. They are confident they can handle the situation and there will be no significant disruption for students. We are keen to receive more specific information on the situation as soon as possible.


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