Liv VP, Season 2: I'm Back!

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The blogs are back, and so am I for my 2nd year as VP Student Experience!

It's been a busy summer and run up to term starting. My time has been spent working with the new sabbatical team, doing training together and mainly preparing for the year ahead, as we are going to have a bigger and better year ahead with the reduced COVID restrictions.

I am pleased to announce we have a new Essex Blades Executive committee in post. Thank you to everyone who ran and voted. This was the largest and most competitive election in Blades history but here are all your 2021/22 officers:

  • Treasurer – Thevian Uthayakumar
  • Club Development Officer – Maria Siembor
  • Charity & Community - Robert Weir
  • Charity & Community - Sapna Barosee
  • Events Officer – Miles Farley
  • Communications Officer – Meg Westrope
  • Welfare Officer – Victoria Bruneski
  • General Representative – Jemma Jackson
  • General Representative – Bora Dögmen

The Blades Executive Committee sit underneath me as Essex Blades President in weekly meetings to represent all Essex Blades members and sport as a whole at the University as student representatives. 


This year through work in the Bounce Back Better plans within the SU we have introduced a new student-led night called Soc's Saturdays. This night is to celebrate and showcase all our fantastic societies here on campus. With different events led by societies, I'm excited to be part of the year to have a dedicated society night right here on campus.


Earlier in the summer, we worked on, created and presented The Big Plan. The Big Plan is the SU's annual plan to tackle topics previously voted on by students. 


Back in August, we presented this to the University via Zoom, a very different experience having it while we were away at a conference in Reading. At the same time, utilising the capabilities of Zoom and technology, so we were able to deliver our projects while keeping socially distanced and becoming more accustomed to these online times. This year with Callum, VP Education we are working on 'More Consistent Education' around personal tutors and live feedback. I am also a part of the second project in Connect and Reconnect and an extension of last years Building Connections and Welfare.


Throughout the summer I was a member of the SU Welcome Strategy group as well as the Universities Welcome Strategy group planning and preparing for the Welcome and the start of term. It was great to be so involved in the planning, preparation, ideas and get to see the whole project from start to completion.


Outstanding committees and boards I sit on have also met like Student Experience Committee, where an update was given on the year ahead for Welcome plans but also the synopsis after the big push last year for student spaces and protection of facilities that prioritise the student experience, SU Trustee Board where I now sit as the Chair of Human resource committee. as well as the return of the Just Play Committee and multiple meetings planning the welcome and term 1 Just Play events :)


Probably the most exciting part was meeting the VC and University senior leadership staff for a dinner at the Wivenhoe House Hotel. It was great meeting with them getting to know them but also discussing our plans for the year and what we want to achieve.


There is so much more to update on so coming shortly will be a blog dedicated to Sport and Preseason as well as Freshers Fortnight and my plans for the year as your VP.


Any questions as always send me an email, I hope you enjoyed reading this little snip-it of my summer.


As always have a LOVELY* fortnight and I'll see you next time

 Liv, VP of Student Experience

 (* Or at least a likeable fortnight)


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