March Update

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It’s been a very busy month, balancing working with campaigning, and attending numerous committees since last parliament. These committees include research committee, ethics committee, academic quality and standards committee, and education committee. The latter two were the most interesting and relevant for students.

In education committee for example there was a conversation about the number of non first language English speakers that are struggling with their level of English and the impact that this is having on their grades. Following on from the student strike, and the issues we’ve seen with students’ English levels, I raised the matter of the diagnostic testing which was cut, and stated that not enough seems to be being done to highlight the availability of the current English support classes. An idea that could strike a nice balance between diagnostic testing and not providing extra barriers to entry for students was suggested, and I hope will gain some momentum soon.

There’s been conversations about whether the deans list is a confusing name, and I’ve been in meetings about changing it. It’s looking like it may be renamed to something like ‘recognition of excellence’. I’ve also been involved with the first meeting of students as active participants and have been in various meetings with the Pro Vice Chancellor of Education, Madeline. I’ve also been continuing to help ensure students are protected from the strikes in as many different ways as possible, such as attendance freezing to protect international students and the suspending of car parking charges.

I’ve been working on the TEF consultation and going through the TEF data workbook as well. This has consisted of looking through a lot of data and searching for areas where certain groups of students may be performing at a level which is lower then the sector average. The main point we made in the consultation was that we would have liked some postgraduate data to be included as well.

I’ve also been helping a student out that had a long list of complaints about his department, EBS. I met with him and heard all the complaints and now he’s been put in touch with some senior people in his department and if the meeting doesn’t go well I am planning to help him to have a meeting with the Dean.


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