What is a Referendum?

VP Southend - September 2022

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Hello lovely people of the Southend campus, hope you are having a wonderful time at the campus. For those who just came in, get ready to have the best time of your life in a busy yet a serene city, full of adventures (Have you been to the adventure island though? If not, what are you waitin’ for?).

Now before I tell you lovely lot, what I have been up to since July. There is one thing, I must ask. Do you know me? Have we ever had a conversation or even bumped into each other? If not, it is a matter of urgency, and I want (Nah, I sincerely request you) to pop into my office, email me @ Vpsouthend@essex.ac.uk or set up a meeting outside the office, or you can even text me on my socials, and talk to me about your life at campus, or your life in general or we can just say Hi and try to remember each other’s existence (That won’t be hard, innit?)

So, let’s get to the real deal now and let me update you beautiful lot on things I have done till now:

  1. Had fun (That is something we all should have, don’t we?)
  2. I have been working on the Big Plan (which is things we are going to focus on for the upcoming year) and making sure your voice is being heard.
  3. I have initialized conversations with the university for providing the students the resources and the facilities they all deserve (Or Can I say we? cuz I am one of you). 
  4. I have managed to take naps between work (Don’t tell my boss x)
  5. I have attended a conference and we (as the SU) are working with other SUs’ across the country to solve your (Students) issues on a bigger scale.
  6. I have been working on planning the Freshers week for you people (Or to be honest, that was more of Kirsty’s (Don’t tell me, you don’t know her, she’s a SU Southend legend) effort.

Now, there are definitely other things I have been doing, but neither can I write everything and nor can I remember as they say ‘Do good and throw it in the sea’ [I am kidding, I just have a goldfish’s memory ?)

Anyways, I have big plans for the upcoming year to make your experiences from good to great, but for that I need you amazing people to support me, help me by knowing what you want and how can we achieve great things together.


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