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Hey everyone! Hope you’re all settling in well and had a fantastic freshers week! It was so lovely meeting so many new and old faces this week, chatting it you all and hearing what you’d like from the SU. Like I keep saying, we are here to for you, so keep your ideas, questions and suggestions coming!

What am I up to, you may ask? Well, before you all arrived on campus:

  • I spent some time planning activities for you all to enjoy during Welcome Week with the team here at Southend, which I hope you enjoyed.
  • We, the sabbatical team, pitched our Big Plan projects to the University to see how they can support us with our projects. We received lots of positive feedback from university staff and a few of them are keen to get involved with us.
  • I’ve been working with staff at East 15 to organise Anti-Racism Task Force for this academic year. We’ve got our East 15 President, Black Community officers and other students involved in this and I’m looking forward to how this year is going to play out for the task force!
  • I’ve made steps towards working with the Head of Security here at Southend regarding the Safety and Security Big Plan project, which I’m feeling optimistic about.

Many things are still on their way, this is just the beginning!

As always, feel free to email me, message me on Facebook or pop to the office (2nd floor in The Forum) for a chat!


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