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Strike Update (27th Feb)

From SU President and VP Education

Over the past few days we’ve been collecting feedback from students affected by the strike and we’d like to thank so many of you for sending us messages on email and social media and sharing your experiences and concerns.  

This morning at 10am we took your views to a meeting with the Deputy Vice Chancellor to clearly and firmly present the very real concerns that students have over the impact of the strike on their education.

In the meeting we demanded a public response from the University to the following issues and concerns raised by students:

  • Fee refunds - demands for refund of fees based on teaching not being received
  • Refunds for incurred costs - demands for reimbursement of additional costs including travel, childcare, and annual parking fees
  • Business scholarships - implications for funding from employers for those students that have been paid
  • Assessment - how will assessment vary as a result of strike action?
  • Attendance - further clarification on implications of non-attendance during the strike period
  • Dissertation supervision - students affected by lack of supervision at a critical period with no alternatives available
  • Additional impacts on international students - including the lack of existing access to the hardship fund

As a result of the meeting the University has agreed to publicly respond to all of the above issues and we will be sharing this response widely as soon as it is available.

In addition to this morning’s meeting, the Students’ Union is also making a commitment to support the university lecturers and staff that are striking over cuts that we strongly believe will have a negative impact on all of our education.  We encourage you to find out more about our support for these staff here.

As your Students’ Union we will continue to fight for students and apply pressure on the University to ensure that students' voices are heard and that action is taken.


Zoe Garshong- SU President

Edmund Walker- SU Vice President Education



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