Drum & Bass *RATIFIED*


Luke Southam; Souren Rassam






  • to provide a platform for lovers of rave culture and drum and bass music to meet likeminded individuals and form friendships, ensuring that enthusiasts - especially first year's and international students - don't find themselves struggling to group with others, helping them settle in at university;
  • to hold events organised by the students for students featuring drum & bass music, which many have mentioned Colchester town and campus events are lacking - and work alongside venues both on campus and in town to create regular drum & bass nights showcasing student talent DJs and MCs, and also bringing both up-and-coming and high-end DJs to perform in Colchester;
  • to organise group trips to bigger out-of-town events, allowing students to experience world-class clubs and festivals such as Fabric, XOYO, Egg and the O2 arena showcasing talents such as Chase & Status, Dimension and Wilkinson, which many students would not otherwise have a group to attend such events with;
  • to organise trips to festivals abroad, such as Rampage and Let it Roll, in Belgium and the Czech Republic.



  • to unite our members through a series of initial ice-breakers and socials to familiarise them with their fellow members and settle them into the crowd, after which socials will be held on a less frequent but regular basis in order to maintain the group spirit and tranition new sign-ups into the society;
  • to organise venues and acts to facilitate events featuring drum & bass music (and we are already in contact with several professional and semi-professional DJs who are interested in performing for or in collaboration with the society, either in return for payment or further exposure, and have also contacted bars in town such as Yates that are interested in creating a regular slot for the society at their venues, although we will also work with on-campus venues such as Base and Sub-Zero;
  • to make transport to events cheaper for members by hiring coaches and pre-paying for tickets, and also by contacting club promoters and inquiring about cheaper group tickets, which will make attending these events and festivals more affordable for students from all income ranges.


Valentin Isac
10:16pm on 26 Sep 18 Has this been done yet?
Alex Hockly
11:49pm on 14 Dec 17 Yesssss
Charley Pritchard
10:41pm on 12 Dec 17 Decenttt when's this happening
John Thompson
3:59pm on 12 Dec 17 Why hasn’t this happened yet?
Laurence Walpole
11:37am on 11 Dec 17 Bring it. Can't wait for this soc.
Rebecca Hornsey
8:42pm on 9 Dec 17 Yes lads
Tomas Oplatek
11:43pm on 8 Dec 17 Cannot wait for this to happen, I miss DnB parties so much. I am from the Czech Republic btw, so if you want to organize trip to Let it Roll I can offer some assitance. :-)
Ahmed Ghouze
7:21pm on 8 Dec 17 Was literally telling my mate how DnB was pretty much non-existent here, just before I saw the idea of this society posted up. Would be great to have a place for like minded fans of the genre to be able to get to get together
Anna Pacht
7:10pm on 8 Dec 17 I think this idea of a society is awesome it would make it a lot easier to meet people who are into this music which can be quite hard considering that there are so many students in uni. So this society could help people who are into d&b to meet up and enjoy themselves and the music!
Daisy Puiu
5:47pm on 8 Dec 17 I love drum&bass so let's do this boysssss
Finlay Chandler
5:35pm on 8 Dec 17 I think this society is a great idea as it will allow even more diversity through Essex nightlife. It will provide new opportunities for a music seen that hasn't been seen much through Subzero and Base.
Bernardo Tomazinho
5:26pm on 8 Dec 17 I believe that this society will help various people who have a keen interest on the drum and bass scene, to connect with new people who are into the scene, as well as it will improve our uni life experience whilst studying at Essex.
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