Entrepreneurship Society *RATIFIED*


Markas Povilaika; Aleksander Semenov



  • to enable students to experience and learn about all of the processes and steps involved in making an idea a reality: e.g. raising capital and dealing with suppliers;

  • to identify people who could become successful entrepreneurs and who could represent the University in competitions such as 'Young Entrepreneur';

  • to allow members to meet other people with a common interest and of a similar mindset in order to share ideas, have fun, and develop projects.


  • to learn together by developing a product or service and delivering it to the market;

  • to discuss people's abilities through brain-storming and further processes;

  • to organise trips such as company open days, and to invite onto campus experienced entrepreneurs who can share their knowledge about different industries.



Souren Rassam
4:33pm on 8 Dec 17 This would be absolutely sick, I want to meet with like-minded individuals who take initiative. We could make so many connections that would be useful after university.
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