Pakistani Society *RATIFIED*


Hassan Hussain; Ammarah Mughal; Nabat Anwer; Zeinab Hussain; Amna Shahid



  • to build a sense of community by bringing culture through the mutual admiration for our native country;

  • to create an atmosphere where members together share experiences on cultural practices in order to increase knowledge and understanding of what our native country stands for;

  • to create a collaborative community and promote the culture to various people (from various backgrounds) so that we can become an even more diverse University.


  • by forming a social network, where social events are held regularly, to build a community for people who appreciate or want to learn the culture of our native country;

  • by holding events that are direct reflection of the our culture and traditions, to increase individuals understanding and knowledge of the Pakistani culture;

  • by holding big events that represent the culture of Pakistan (an Eid festival for example), to become a step closer to diversifying the University of Essex even more.



Hassan Hussain
10:25am on 5 Dec 17 Hi Hamza, thanks for taking the time to post two very interesting questions, I hope the answers that I give clarify any doubts/worries. The Asian Society does not place a heavy emphasis on celebrating or showcasing the culture of Pakistan, as much as it does with other countries (within South Asia). This is where the Pakistani Society will differ, we will solely focus on showcasing our culture; by researching and planning each aspect of an event to make it perfect. In doing so, we will be able to make our social gatherings more extravagant for individuals (regardless of nationality). One of our Aims in the Pakistani Society is “TO CREATE A COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY AND PROMOTE THE CULTURE TO VARIOUS PEOPLE (FROM VARIOUS BACKGROUNDS) SO THAT WE CAN BECOME AN EVEN MORE DIVERSE UNIVERSITY.” In order to achieve that Aim we will be holding events that will allow students of various nationalities to come together and explore what Pakistan represents; for instance, a showcase of the finest garments that are worn in Pakistan. Other opportunities are food festivals where people can come together and experience what Pakistan has to offer with their cuisine. If you have any more questions, please feel free to either post on this page or message any one of the executive members privately via Facebook.
Hamza Kazmi
3:05pm on 4 Dec 17 How is this Society not similar to Asian Society because the Asian Society caters events celebrating culture from South Asia (Indian, Bangladesh, Pakistan) and what are the examples of events which you will organise which are not only for International students from Pakistan but for students from other nationalities such as Malaysia, Poland, Norway and many more....
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