What is a Referendum?

Should there be a Jewish Society?

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Proposers: Amie Julie Fogiel

Proposed Convene: Religous 


1. Deliver a quality jewish experience on campus and enable every jewish student to enjoy it. Allow jewish students to have their voice on the campus community.

2. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, hosting various religious, educational and cultural activities. Celebrate jewish festivals, learn about it, as well as about the jewish culture and history.Create a place to socialize, learn from each other in a peaceful and inclusive atmosphere.

3. The J-Soc will be a place open to every jewish student, no matter his background or religious nomination


1. Religious weekly events: Friday night dinners in order to celebrate Shabbat together. Other Religious events for the Jewish Holidays celebrate them together. Education on each holidays, collaborate with a local jewish chaplain. Create activities around the themes of each holiday (ex: food making)

2. Cultural events about the jewish culture and history : The society can screen a movie or host a speaker to commemorate the Shoah. Bagel lunches. Israeli cultural events (National Day), explore Israel engagement and zionism ; welcome some speakers.Work on interfaith and engage with various groups on campus, in order to interact. Welcome some speakers, screening movies or discuss different cultural topics, in links with Judaism, history and current issues of the 21st century



Zeinelabedin Kalila
4:38am on 22 Feb 19 Advocating for the illegal occupation under the name of Judaism, is like advocating ISIL and the KKK under the names of Islam and Christianity. Judaism has nothing to do with Zionism, please remove the (zionist and Israeli engagement) part, this is a religious society not a political one; maybe members would then ratify the society. On a sidenote, if you wish to explore zionism and Israeli engagement, I suggest you do an Israeli society not a Jewish one.
Hannah Prentice
1:07pm on 21 Feb 19 There is absolutely no reason why this should not be ratified
David Rozental-Devis
9:47am on 20 Feb 19 Good luck with the ratification!
Adar Sinai
9:26am on 20 Feb 19 I really hope this gets through!
Eden Plummer
8:56am on 20 Feb 19 There has been discussion about you including National Day in your plans. Can you please clarify whether this will be celebrated or if there will be a discussion?
Lyba Mitkevich
11:13pm on 19 Feb 19 I hope this society gets ratified!
Maxime Huttner
10:23pm on 19 Feb 19 good luck, I know this is getting crap but keep it up. and ignore them
Sean Quartermaine
10:11pm on 19 Feb 19 Wish you guys the best of luck for ratification!
Jessie McNamara
8:16pm on 19 Feb 19 This is so exciting!
Peter Swanson
8:12pm on 19 Feb 19 As a jewish member of this university, I hope this get ratified
Dante Pribaz
1:15pm on 11 Feb 19 I can’t wait to became a member #Shalom
Rasika Meena Kaushik
12:38pm on 11 Feb 19 Yes. Sounds great
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