Sociology *RATIFIED*


Rebecca Chivers; Lauren Butler






  • to help sociology students of all years with their sociological studies;
  • to integrate all sociology students in the department, from first years to Masters students, in order to provide them with a unified, social environment within which to discuss their studies;
  • to engage the interests of sociology students in sociological topics.



  • to help students with their studies by asking them which areas they are struggling to grasp and engaging debates and meet-ups to discuss those areas and help resolve their queries, as well as encouraging discussions on difficult concepts;
  • to integrate sociology students of all years by arranging gatherings around events such as Cine10 screenings, talks and plays related to sociology, and by providing a sociable environment where students can mingle;
  • to find and promote events which accompany sociological topics well, and pique students' interest in a more engaging and fun way. 


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