Asian Society *RATIFIED*

As a society, our primary aim is to unite members of the University of Essex who have a common interest in the Asian culture, and in doing so we would like to expand by forging links with Asian Societies of other universities that are close to us and celebrate events together.

We would also like to fundraise for charities through our events; working together as a community we can help those less fortunate than ourselves, especially through cultural events such as Diwali, cultural cooking sessions and mendhi evenings. At the end of each term we would like to organise a celebratory ball that encompasses the cultural backgrounds that are represented in the society through dance and music.

We would like to bridge the gap between students from varying cultures and nations by getting them involved in our events and bringing them together.

Our objectives for the year will include:

  • Raise money for charity through our events
  • Holding fortnightly socials to bring together the Asian Society community and have themed events.
  • Organising monthly/termly trips to other universities where students can socialise and mix with other Asian societiesHosting events that educate members abou the diverse cultures within Asian culture, and also celebrate cultural events such as Diwali, Chinese New Year etc.