University of Essex AIESEC *RATIFIED*


  • Help develop students’ creativity, teamwork, leadership and raise their awareness on different world issues, encouraging them to believe all young people can be ‘changemakers’ and their actions can improve society and the world.
  • Let students experience new culture, create positive impact in local societies, improve communication skills and increase their global mindset through experience.
  • Let students discover different industries, gain work experience, test out their entrepreneurial aspirations and expand their social and business network.


  • AIESEC will regularly host events in the University like team games, workshops, competitions and discussions of domestic and global issues, letting them learn the above skills through teamwork, fun and in a relaxed environment.
  • University of Essex AIESEC will introduce and encourage students to join the ‘Global Volunteer’ programme of AIESEC, which allows participants to do volunteer work in any one of the 120+ countries available, allowing students help local communities, learn new cultures and gain the above skills through actual experience.
  • University of Essex AIESEC will also introduce and encourage students to join the ‘Global Entrepreneur’, ‘Global Teach’ and ‘Global Talent’ programmes of AIESEC which allow students to get internship, working or teaching experience and build connections all around the world in over 120 countries. Also letting them have a chance to really think