Capoeira Society *RATIFIED*

Capoeira is an Brazilian martial art that was originally developed by enslaved Africans. It combines fighting with dance, play, theatre, rhythms and music. Capoeira exercises help to develop balance, resistance, and motor coordination. Practicing capoeira also means learning to sing its songs and to play its instruments, which provide the background and atmosphere to play in the circle. Because of this fascinating combination of physical activity and Afro-Brazilian culture, capoeira has been winning followers all over the UK since the 1990s. Capoeira societies are active at many UK universities.

To see some capoeira in action, please click here.



  • Encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to practice capoeira
  • Teach capoeira songs (originally in Portuguese) and how to play the instruments in the roda
  • Promote the culture of capoeira, historically known to empower its practitioners in an environment of respect and self-awareness;
  • Engage with other capoeira groups in the UK and abroad


  • Hold weekly classes during the Autumn and Spring terms
  • Promote capoeira events and performances on campus, with guests from other groups 
  • Organise tours to visit other capoeira groups in the UK and abroad