Hungarian Society *RATIFIED*


The Hungarian Society is here to introduce you all to the amazing and rich culture of Hungary, from the music all the way to the food.

As you can see, Hungary is just a little dot in the middle of Europe on this map, but in reality, it is so much more, for example, it is the home of many inventions we use every day.

As a society, we will support Hungarians at the University of Essex who have not found their footing yet and connect them to the “international culture” here.

Our other aim is to organize a Hungarian Café available to both Hungarians and non-Hungarians who are curious about the culture and within the Café to offer samples of the cuisine, familiarize people with the Hungarian movie and music scene and even offer Hungarian language classes!

So come along and join us as we explore together the beauty of Hungary!




  • The aim of the society would be to make students who are non-Hungarians more familiar with the rich culture of Hungary – from the history and the language all the way to its unique cuisine.
  • One of the other aims of the society would be to make connections with other societies since all the cultural societies seem to be isolated and we would like to promote toleration and cooperation between cultures.
  • The third goal would be to connect Hungarian students with others who are Hungarian and those who are of Hungarian descent not just at the university but around Colchester as well.



  • We would like to organize a “Hungarian Café” which would be held every week and students of every culture could come and take part in language classes, taste the extraordinary cuisine of Hungary or even learn traditional Hungarian dances.
  • One of the ways how it would be achievable to connect cultural societies is to organize public joint events about once a month, where we could explore the similarities and differences of our cultures and therefore learn about each other more.
  • Currently, the easiest way to connect to people is through social media. There are many Facebook groups for Hungarians in the United Kingdom, Essex, or even Colchester which we are part of. We would like to organize fortnightly events where we could organize cook-offs, or travel to local destinations to encourage others to bond and educate themselves.