Somali Society *RATIFIED*



  • The main aim of this society is to connect the Somali students at Essex together. By connecting them, we aim to achieve a space for them to get to know their culture and meet those with similar backgrounds to them, which will give them a sense of belonging at Essex.
  • We hope to raise money for causes that hit close to home such as the current on-going drought in Somalia and other East African countries who are suffering too.
  • The society would also form alliances with other Somali societies across the U.K. There are often challenges set by a charity organisation, e.g Human Appeal where universities across the U.K compete and participate in it. We would like to see Essex represented in these challenges.


  • The proposers have been at Essex for a year now and before we even had a Somali society, we made it our mission to meet as many Somali’s as possible and form a small community in which we would help each other out. We would continue this and make it easier for people to know exactly where to go, help first years familiarise themselves with Essex, show them what’s available to them and be a support mechanism as well as a cultural/activities society.
  • The proposers are also well acquainted with other Somali society committee’s and are involved with registered charities. With our connections, we would have a smoother path to achieving our aims of helping the needy in Somalia and other East African countries. We would raise money by being active and being sponsored to participate in exciting challenges.
  • The proposers also have intentions of having a minimum of one event per month such as game nights and donating a percentage of the earnings to charities of the members choosing, possibly a different one each time.
  • The events would be engaging and active and we would always aim to get more people willing to sign up and join us.