Coffee Society *RATIFIED*


  • to increase awareness of Essex University students and staff about coffee world;
  • to dramatically improve coffee culture at Essex University Colchester campus;
  • to enhance the importance of social and ecological responsibility of purchasing decisions in the hospitality industry – and particularly the coffee industry.


  • We plan to organize regular weekly sessions where different topics concerning coffee industry will be discussed. This will be accompanied by a supervised commented coffee degustation, providing students and staff with a unique experience every time they come to one of our events.
  • We will show students and staff many different varieties of coffee, explain them different preparation methods and basics of coffee brewing and other accompanying necessary details. We will organize workshops for them to learn how to correctly prepare coffee on their own through various methods and advise them how and where to purchase coffee and equipment, as well as highlighting important differences between various kinds of commercially available coffee.
  • As part of our seminars, we will explain to people the major differences between various coffee certifications such as FairTrade, RainForest Certification, Direct Trade, etc. We will show them how these are often misused and why they should pay attention to what they spend their money on, concerning both the social and ecological impact on coffee growing communities.


The Coffee Society will be very distinct from all other societies. There is currently no society concerning with coffee. The other two societies concerned about hospitality industry are far more different from the plan we have prepared for coffee society.

Coffee society will be aimed for anybody including students and staff. They do not necessarily have to like coffee and there will be still space for them to learn about it and experience it in different forms than what they are currently used to.