Sikh Society *RATIFIED*


  • To represent the Sikh community at the university and share to others as well as create awareness of our religion and its values and teachings. Most universities in the Midlands have a Sikh society so I believe it would be a good way to represent Sikhs here in Colchester and show other students our background and culture.
  • To contribute to society based on the teachings of Sikhi; e.g. volunteering, kindness, fitness, charity, event
  • To bring Sikh students together and celebrate events,
  • To educate those who are not familiar with who we are.


  • There are many events Sikhs celebrate that would be wonderful to share to other students, as we are such a diverse university and I think it would be an engaging experience for others to share it or acknowledge if they wish to do so
  • Sikhi have a volunteering concept called Seva which would be a great opportunity to take part in and for others to get involved and join in, it is where you can serve food to the poor or anyone who requires it. The religion is based on equality and everyone is welcome to get involved.
  • It is an identity that we hold close to our hearts and so to share it with others in who we are or why we follow certain cultural values is an exceptional thing, this can also be shown through our cultural values, music and even food.