Essex European Society *RATIFIED*

'We aim to campaign for European solidarity and bring public attention to the powerful potential of European Unity. We seek to encourage debate, participation and criticism as we believe these are fundamental building blocks to education and unification - no matter the creed, race and class. 

'Now more than ever, the politics of Nationalism and Globalism has taken centre stage. Yes, Brexit has been voted for, but that does not and should not stop the debate of the politics seen especially within Europe.

'We aim to take Essex back to the politically rebellious stage its history is based on. The present shows us that we are encountering an important moment politically and socially. Essex has not failed to participate in the past and should not be afraid to participate now.

'So, accept your calling as the next generation of Essex students or maybe the next generation of Rebels with a Cause

'If you agree - good, If you don't - even better.

'The power of debate is what pushes us to improve.

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To campaign for European solidarity and bring public attention to the potential of European Unification, whilst also uniting people with similar visions of Europe.


  • Meet other likeminded individuals who share a passion and vision of Europe
  • Meet and educate people who want to learn more about the possibilities of such a vision
  • Oganise a website and campaign to bring attention to such a vision
  • Build networks with other similar university societies.
  • Practice and improve on skills involved with campaigning, such as teamwork, coordination, strategic thinking, debating, networking etc.