Study Abroad Society - *RATIFIED*


  • to support all study abroad students in any aspect of Essex life, from providing social support to helping with general issues they may experience being a new Essex student;
  • to help promote studying abroad and help those who wish to travel gain the information they need to start their journey;
  • to develop the intercultural skills we gained while abroad and transfer them into greater employment opportunities.


  • We will work together with the study abroad department and with the new students who are studying at Essex from different countries to help them have the best experience possible. We will be holding social meetings, attending events held by the study abroad office and being a point of a contact for international students and returning students alike.
  • To promote study abroad, we will hold events to first and second year students, organise a peer 'buddy' system with international students, speak to other societies about the benefits of going abroad and also attending open days to encourage prospecting students to come to Essex and do a study abroad progra.
  • While maintaining ties to the international students we will build on the intercultural skills we have gained as we help them bridge the gap into English culture. From going abroad we have experience adapting to a new environment and we can use those skills to help others, thus improving our own and keeping our study abroad experience alive.