Events Assistant Community 360

Community360 is a charity supporting people and community groups in Essex.  Our mission is “To inspire and enable local community action to improve quality of life”.  We achieve this through a number of projects, including an experienced Community Development team, Community Accounts Service and Business Bank.  As a result, staff lead on community volunteering programmes with more than 400 volunteers, work with over 300 community groups a year to access funding, embed good financial practices, recruit their own volunteers, plan and train, as well as network and promote what they do.  We value working in partnership.  We are creative and innovative in meeting the needs of local communities and the voluntary groups and organisations that serve them. We pilot new projects and manage programmes that provide fundamental, practical support to the community.  Our Community Transport schemes facilitate over 50,000 trips each year and we hire scooters and wheelchairs to people 5 days a week.  Our organisation is constantly evolving, anticipating opportunities in our community and seeking to maximise the impact that we can all have to make our vision a reality.