*ACTORS NEEDED* Halloween Fright Nights at Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo is organizing its annual ‘Halloween Fright Nights’! The dates this year are 20, 22, 24, 26 and 27 of October and there will also be a full rehearsal set in the week before but that is yet to be confirmed.

The role – the main roles for the ‘actors’ are to be ‘creepy’ guides along a ghost trail. You will greet groups of guests and take them down the ‘fright’ trail that will have various scares and entertaining misdirections. You will be telling compelling tales that draw guest in and then surprising them at various points on the trail. 

It’s meant to be a fun but adrenaline filled experience for the visitors and an opportunity for you to practice your drama skills in a different setting.
The times – you should get there for 4.30 PM every day so that you would have enough time to put make up on, change, be briefed, etc.
There are only 6 places available!

If you're a drama student then this could be a huge benefit to your porfolio or if you love acting and want to get some experience and fun you're more than welcome!

Keep in mind there will be an interview for this roles

If you have any question please address them to

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