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I discovered VTeam during Freshers’ Fair at the very start of my first year, having been drawn in by the description of the ‘Einstein Project’ – a fun-filled regular project with the aim of engaging schoolchildren in science with exciting (and often very messy) experiments. Despite not knowing anyone else involved, signing up proved to be a great way to meet new people as well as offering a welcome change of scenery each week – what better way to relieve deadline stress than making colourful fizzing volcanoes or glittery slime?

After a year as a regular volunteer, I then took on the position of Communications Officer to help run Einstein Project alongside the Project Leader (one of my closest friends who I met through VTeam). Together, we organised several ‘Science Days’ alongside the regular sessions to bring full days of fun experiments and demonstrations to different schools. The pure excitement of the children’s reactions as well as the joy of sharing my love of science with them made all the organisation behind these days worth it.

However, I also gained many skills and experiences that I have since been able to draw upon in interviews to demonstrate my leadership and communication abilities. Being involved with VTeam throughout my degree has helped me transition from a nervous first-year student to a more confident, self-assured individual, feeling prepared to take the next steps in my career. My advice to you is to embrace the opportunities VTeam has to offer! It may seem daunting signing up for the first time, but you never know what amazing experiences, skills and friends you will gain, whilst also making a very positive change in the local community!





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