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Conservation & Sustainability

Are you passionate about the environment? Interested in conservation and sustainability? Then join like minded people and get ready to change the world.


This project, previously known as Marine Life Conservation, has been awarded “Regular Project of the Year” for their outstanding work. Every weekend, they have a session in Colchester Zoo where they run a stall teaching visitors about pollution, climate change and recycling. The project became so popular that schools began requesting them and so volunteers started going into primary schools. Children from local schools absolutely lit up while learning about the environment. With fun games that teach them about everything from microplastics to the importance of bees, these kids will grow up understanding the impact that they can have on the world around them and empower them to make better, more sustainable choices. Apart from frequenting zoos and schools, the volunteers from this project organise one-off events where they go to beaches and do mass clear ups. This is beneficial for local wildlife, it stops litter from ending up in the sea and it is a great outing for volunteers who get to enjoy a day at the seaside. The Conservation & Sustainability Project is the most diverse project in terms of location and benefactors. It is perhaps the most rewarding as this project has the potential to make change on global scale.





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