East 15 SU President update

Gabriel Colnic who was elected this year as East 15 Loughton SU President is taking a gap year next year, so sadly won’t be taking up his position.

We wish Gabriel all the very best for his gap year and hope to see him back at E15 Loughton as a student at the start of the 2019/20 Academic Year.


It does mean there’ll be another election for East 15 SU President this October. It’s a real job, but there isn't an interview. If you think you could be the next East 15 SU President you'll need to convince other East 15 students that you're the best person.

It's a paid, part-time job, paid at £10 per hour for 6 hours a week (meaning you'll earn around £2,200).

It’s a unique and important role it is completely flexible, and can easily be carried out around your full-on study, rehearsal and show schedules. Some weeks you'll do more than 6 hours, some weeks we know you'll be busy with your own studies, rehearsals, shows and showings, so will do less, or maybe none at all.

The role will begin early November and goes through to the end of June 2019.

Until a new student leader is elected, our current cabinet and Course Reps to take the lead as the student voice for all students at Loughton. If there are decisions to be made, if we have new ideas our SU Campus Manager Lee Pugh will consult with you. If you have concerns, ideas, needs, wants that you’d usually expect to take to your President, then speak to Lee in the first instance. We’ll also consult with our wider Essex SU Sabbatical Team, including our Vice President for Southend Campus, Andrea Lungay, who is an East 15 BA World Performance Graduate.

We’ll make sure your voice is heard and your ideas and needs are taken on board and addressed.

If you’d like more info about running, speak to Lee, or drop him an email on