Walk Me Home

Street lights around East 15 turn of at 1:00am, so to help everybody get home safe we've created a Walk-Me-Home. It's a system for Friday nights been 11:00am and 3:30am to help you feel safer on the way home. This is how it works:

  1. Email or from your Essex email with a link to your Facebook profile
  2. We'll add you to the secret Facebook group "Walk-Me-Home Loughton"
  3. Each Friday, the walkers for the evening will be posted on the group
  4. When you want to leave campus, just post your current location and destination to the group
  5. Two students will come and meet you for the walk home
  6. That's it!

The service is only possible because of some lovely East 15 students volunteering and giving up their Friday nights. 

We've also got some top tips to stay safe when you're walking:

  • Make sure your phone has charge (Android and iPhone chargers available for borrowing behind the bar)
  • Always try to walk in groups
  • Stick to well-lit areas
  • Walk facing traffic
  • Stay alert - avoid wearing headphones
  • Pick up a torch and a personal safety alarm from the SU bar


Small print: Neither the SU or East 15 is responsible for any liabilities when using Walk-Me-Home.