What Happened at Loughton Student Parliament?

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There was a long discussion with the staff and Sabbatical officers around the Big 3 groups to check on the progress with the main issues facing the Loughton Campus: mental health, cost of living and food & drink. Proposed actions have been set for each and the SU has started working on delivering their promise to make these happen.


The top issues raised have been splitting the part time officers roles per campus, and introducing more roles at Loughton campus (Mature, BAME, LGBT+, International, Women officers). Engagement with the community is also a priority for the upcoming year.

With the outcome of Brexit, the SU is looking at communicating with the community on what support will be made available for international students and the possible options for them if Brexit happens.

Consent was a topic tackled in the meeting as students have found improv. classes quite intense and uncomfortable. Another discussion was on the training supplied for East 15 er’s who are interested in running physical classes, with the SU looking into speaking with Just Play. Further talks in the upcoming meetings will look into the diversity of food on campus, as students have been asking for hummus, indian snacks etc.


Vote passed on having the part time officers split per campus. An extra vote was done on which part time officer roles should be available in Loughton. The roles that are to be introduced: Mature, BAME, LGBT+, International and Women.


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