5. Fifth Meeting's Minutes 26th November

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Autumn Term

5th meeting-November 26th-1 hour (12:30-1:30pm)

President: Khadija Osman

Treasurer: Cara Kane


  1. Christmas Calendar

Was it successful? Not really

How will printing go? I have no idea if the photoshoot is occuring


  1. Next Week

Who’s going Writing event? Cara Kane, Deeja Osman

Send my presentation to Cara

Who’s going GM? Cara Kane, Deeja Osman

Who’s going to Revision session/Super Sunday? Deciding at event what people want


  1. Scavenger Hunt – Back Issues

Dark Side Christmas Party

£10 To Get to Chelmsford

£10 Budget - £2.00 an issue a total of five categories, £1.00/£0.50 an issue total of ten categories

Categories: 1. Skimpiest Outfit, 2. Weirdest Power, 3. Worst Superhero Name,


12:15 - Train from Hythe

13:30 - Arrive at Dark Side Comics

                Enter Raffle

                Start Competition

                Take Pictures, look around etc.

14:00 - Get Lunch somewhere

15:30 - Let People travel around the town by themselves for an hour

16:30 - Meet back Up

17:00 - Get Baskin Robbins/Dunkin Doughnuts

17:30 - See Raffle Winners

18:00 - Go Home


  1. Winter Fayre

Krispy Kreme Sale - The last day to buy them is 28th

Jai, Me and Cara pay £27.50 each to be reimbursed (within a week and a half if we push Nicolas to push Olga since he said he would)

Or else I should be paid on the 28th so hopefully the money will be in by then


  1. Christmas Dinner

How many people are going? 8

Is it happening? Yes but I won’t be able to cover booking I think

How is the plan going? Booking on Wednesday


  1. Pub Crawl


  • Playhouse: Never Have I Ever
  • : What If And Then
  • : X of Fire
  • : Who’s Most Likely? Back to Back
  • : Who am I? Post-It Forehead game


  1. Children’s Comic Sale / Donate to the Woman’s Shelter

For Student Parents

Collection From Members

Also From Stores/Comic Fans who want to help charity


  1. Secret Santa

Budget? £15

Comics for presents? Yes or other things

Prize for best presents? Mini Wines for games and a book for main prize.


  1.  AGM

What did you like? What would you like to see in it following this?


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