1. First Meetings Minutes 6th October

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Autumn Term

1st meeting-October 6th-45 minutes (6:15-7:00pm)

All members present

Skype Meeting


General introduction to this year

Explanation of roles

Societies 102 Meeting Notes

  1. Topic - Freshers week:

Kingsman Trip

Selfie Station – Deeja will print background and set up by entrance


Sweets – own money

Leaflets – last years

How to speak to the Freshers


  1. Topic - Elections

Missed deadline for second week at uni, do it at 4/5


  1. Topic – Social Media:

Instagram – Jai will be helping direct

Facebook – We should decide on


  1. Topic – Introducing Teams:

Pictures of the team for introduction

And a nerd file


  1. Topic - October events:

Trip to Comic-con London excel-October/November

Tuesdays - general meetings for members

Categories for meetings - News, info about hero/Villain of week, Comic book related show

October/November event - Pub crawl decision of date and what pubs to go to


  1. Topic – Graphic Novel Project:

Artists I’ve Gotten – 4

Organiser of Doncaster Comic Con has offered us a table to sell the book for charity and is offering and has a Contact in Doctor Who Artist

Inquire with Desmond Taylor, Doctor Who Artist

Bulk out with


  1. Arts Convene Meeting –

What day is best for both of us?

What would we like to do on Varsity Day?


  1. Badges –

What they are.



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