4. Fourth Meeting's Minutes 23rd November

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Autumn Term

4th meeting-November 23rd-1 hour 10 minutes (5:05-6:15pm)

President: Khadija Osman

Treasurer: Cara Kane

Arts Convenor: Nicolas Danan


  1. Events

Good amount, keep it up

Engage with non-members


  1. Member Engagement

We want to double members by end of year

We need to put more events on the essexstudent webpage

Put on more mainstream MCU and DCEU focused events

Have more questions for members about what they’d like to see

Go back to more games and engagement, be sillier again


  1. Standards

Get to applying

Mentor Western Animation

We’re on our way to Gold by Summer and Bronze by the end of this term

Get in contact with UEA


  1. Graphic Novel Application

Ideas down

Apply for funding £400 from Societies Fund


  1. Talk to Nicolas

Get answers on why report isn’t here

Ask him to ask Olga


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