2. Second Meeting's Minutes 15th October

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Autumn Term

2nd meeting-October 15th - 45 minutes (6:15-7:00pm)

All members present

Skype Meeting


  1. Membership Cards

They’ve been ordered and will be arriving soon


  1. Member Numbers

We’d like to get to 40 members this year, that would be more than comic soc has ever gotten


  1. Member Engagement

The signups were less than last year, we need more interaction and visibility


  1. Volunteer Areas

ACE Board Game Demos – Saturdays

Colchester Cat Sanctuary with APS

Wrapping Christmas Baskets for the Women’s Shelter


  1. Graphic Novel


11*2.5 (£5 a page) = £140 / £137.5


  1. Badges

We have planned to get 4000 points in badges this term so should get to silver standard

400 Gold – Leadership, Liberation, Amazing Job, Engagement, Collab, Events, Amazing Degree = 2800

200 Silver – Student Groups, Fundraising, Essex Event, Volunteering = 800

100 Yellow & Black – Exec Volunteering, Social Media, Mentor, Society Guild Meetings = 400


  1. Sign-Offs

Your Friendly, Neighbourhood Social Secretary

Your Super-Powered President


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