Are you affected by the strikes?

Uni strike action is takin place 21-25 March. Here's what you need to know...

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You may have seen; the University have just announced that members of the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) will be taking part in further strike action between Monday 21st March and Friday 25th March. You can read more about the reasons for the strike here.

Once again the strike period could affect you as a large number of staff at the University are members of the UCU Union. This means that some of your timetabled classes and lectures might not go ahead as planned.

In the past some lecturers have informed their students of their intention to strike but they aren’t obliged to do that.  

The University are putting in place some measures to minimise disruption for students during the strike period.

What if I spent money coming on to campus or organising childcare?

If you travelled to campus or paid childcare or caring costs and your class didn’t take place you can submit the Strike Reimbursement Application Form 

The University has also expanded it’s  University Hardship Fund. You can visit this page to make an application for this fund.

Will my attendance be affected if my lecturer goes on strike?

Whether you are a U.K or international student your attendance won’t be monitored at this time. If you attend a lecture that goes ahead you can still tap in but if you decide not to attend, then your attendance will remain unaffected.

Can I still get Academic Support?

If you are concerned about getting academic support for things like dissertations or assignments your first point of contact should be your home department. If you feel like you are not getting the support you need just email the SU Education Team and we will get back to you within 24 hours Monday to Friday to help you get the support you need

What about content that I have missed?

Your department should remove any content that has not been taught as a result of strike action from any upcoming assessments or exams. Departments should email all students to clarify how your upcoming assessments may be affected. You may also hear from your lecturer at modular level. Some departments may arrange for missed content to be covered at a later date or through previous years lectures being made available. If in doubt ask your department to clarify.

If you do feel like your performance has been affected by the strikes, you should definitely put in an extenuating circumstances form. We also advise you to submit any work due during the strike period.  Our SU Advice team can support you with this. Just email


Throughout the strike period we will be making sure students are given the support they need. Everyday, between 11am-1pm, The SU Education Team will be roaming around both the Colchester and Southend campuses. We will also be located in the new Greenhouse Café at 1:00pm everyday to answer strike related questions and signpost you to the appropriate channels..

As a Student’s Union our parliament voted to adopt a policy around strikes: The aims of this policy is to:

  • Explain and define the SU’s support for the UCU strikes
  • Support students’ needs during times of strikes
  • Ensure all students can support the strikes and know how to do this
  • Pressure the University to listen to strike concerns
  • Support the academic staff of the University


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