BS985-7-FY deadlines reconsidered

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The students prefered the coursework deadline to be spread out more evenly as a number of deadlines were clustered together in November. Dr Zwacka explained that he examined the spread of deadlines before the start of the autumn term and had moved some in order that they were spread more evenly. The aim was to have three days between each deadline. Miss Siasat advised that the students had struggled to meet their deadlines as they had a deadline for BS982-7-AU (Genomics) in the same week as the submission of the Group Oral Presentation for BS985-7-FY (Professional Skills and the Business of Biosciences).

Dr Bavro acknowledged this comment and has agreed to move the oral presentation deadline to a week earlier in future. Mrs Reason was also asked to display the list of the deadlines on the Biological Sciences Postgraduate Student Resources Area on Moodle for students to view.


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