Education Committee

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Education committee has just past and your Faculty Convenors as well as VP education Edmund Walker sat in on the meeting to continue to represent you and your interests. Here are some important things to look out for at the end of 2019: 

  • Changes to the term 'employability', and the restructuring of student development :
    • The use of the term 'employability' will cease for student-facing activities to maximise student engagement. A more nuanced approach will be adopted instead.
    • They will be working with faculties and departments to develop a defined undergraduate personal development trajectory; which will build on and reshape, where neccessary, current career development learning and the intergration of work-based learning into the curriculum.
    • Plans are being undertaken to reshape the existing Employability and careers centre, Student engagement and Talent Development Centre in order to provide a clearer and coherent strategies across all campuses for initiatives in support of individual student development.


  • A review of the current framerwork for PGR supervisor training:
    • In order to propose a reframing of all activies related to supervisor training and development.
    • This would be more intergrated and allow more support and supervision geared towards colleages with different learning styles, both online and face-to-face.


In other news:

79% of reading lists are now on talis, thanks to all the departments for their hard work !




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