Exams 2023 - 10 Things You Need To Know!

Exams are coming and it's your chance to shine! Read our guide for everything you need to know about the summer exam period.

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Exams – 10 things you need to know!


Exams can take many forms…

Your examinations throughout the summer term will either be in person (think old school tests with invigilators), remote via Faser, remote via Moodle or an MCQ through a platform called Perception. Depending on your course and the modules you take you could have a mixture of all of these exams.


Open book/Closed book

All remote exams this year are open book! For in person exams the department should give you clear instructions as to what resources you are allowed to take into the exam (we do know that electronic devices won’t be allowed though!)


Check your timetable!

The university plans to publish your timetable on Thursday 16th March at 3:00pm. As soon as you get it, check it! If anything doesn’t make sense then contact your department immediately.


In person exam? Check the basics.

There is nothing more stressful than waking up on the day of an exam to realise you don’t know where you are going! Note down somewhere (phone/tablet/secret journal!) the time, location of the exam and your seat number. Little things like this can help you avoid extra tension and allow you to focus solely on getting your best grade!


24 – 72 hour exams

For many remote exams you will be given longer than required to complete the assessment. This is just so you can complete the exam at a time that best suits you. If your exam signifies it is 24, 48 or even 72 hours in duration DO NOT spend that time working on it! Your department will guide you on how long you should spend on each exam.


Practice makes perfect

If you haven’t completed many assessments on-line before, the university have created a practice area for you. Just visit the Faser and Moodle practice areas to try them out.


My flat is far too noisy for me to complete an exam!

Don’t stress! You can book a silent study space at the library. If you are having problems with finding a quiet area, then let us know (



Can I work with others when completing remote exams?

In a word NO! Don’t be tempted to discuss answers with course mates either through face-to-face conversations or through things like what’s app. Make sure the work is your own and remember to use the referencing style your department has taught you!


Take time to chill!

All work and no play… In a nutshell, it’s not good for you! That’s why your SU will be running a range of activities throughout the exam period to help you de-stress. From petting zoos to Yoga by the lakes we will have something for everyone to help you take some time out!


We’ve got your back!

Our amazing SU Advice Team are here throughout the exam period should you have any issues over academic offences or other issues. Our SU Angels will be out and about supporting you (and making you a much-needed hot drink) in study spaces all over campus - just looki for the random people in Angel wings!! The universities SWIS team are also on hand with expert guidance and support. Whatever happens your SU are here to support you no matter how big or samm your issue is. If you have a question you need answering fast then just click on our live feedback form and we will get back to you within 24 hours Monday – Friday.

You have got this! 


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