Updates from CSEE

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The SSLC from November was attended by many student reps that had great feedback for the department and lots of ideas to improve on aspects of the education experience. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Whiteboards were fitted in all labs except 4 & 6, which is being done asap.
  • A currently list of rooms which are to be PGR only will be being collected by the new technician role that is currently undergoing interviews. This will be dealt with asap.
  • A study into whether students prefer laptops over desktops was undertaken by student rep Miss Hashempour, The department are currently reviewing the findings of this study and are investigating funding in regards to  providing students with laptops. 
  • Overlaps in GTA/GLA training are currently being discussed and reviewed in order to see if the training can be more streamline in future.


Many thanks to all our amazing reps for bringing forward these important issues!


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