The SU Education Team – Who are ya, who are ya?

Hey you! (Yeah, you.) Do you like meeting people? Well, we might be the SU Education Team, but don’t let that term bore yo- I mean sway you. We want to make sure that you Work Hard, Play Hard, and really get to understand who we actually are, and not just some plain people who love essays and numbers, so click here to find out how we can help you get the most out of your time here at Essex.

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It’s a bit depressing but we get asked this a lot. The key aim of the SU Education Team is to ensure students are supported in getting their best degree possible. We do this by ensuring your voice and the voice of fellow students is heard.  

We go about this in 3 main ways.  


Managing the student rep system: 

Each year we recruit and manage hundreds of student reps who gather and share feedback with University departments about the experiences (academic or otherwise of the 17,000 students who live and study as part of the Essex Community. Interested in becoming a rep? Click here


Representing Students at University Committees 

Our amazing student convenors alongside the elected Sabbatical Officer team represent the student body on a number of committees including Senate and Education Committee. We read papers, talk to hundreds of students and ensure the University is considering the impact on students in all of their decisions. This involves reading tonnes of committee papers but we think it’s worth it to ensure Essex students have the best experience!  


Holding Weekly Conversations with Students 

You don’t just have to be a rep to be supported by the SU Education Team. Each week our coordinators hold drop in’s both in person at student study spaces and via Zoom to gather feedback and support Essex students across the 3 campuses. You can follow our Facebook page where we will share with you, what students are saying and keep you updated with all of the latest education related news at Essex.  


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