Blades continue busy season as national BUCS rankings released

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Heavy rain and wind over the last few weeks has made life difficult for the Blades, with many outdoor sports facing challenging conditions. But the Blades have risen to the challenge, achieving some excellent results which have contributed to our current ranking of 30th in the UK, according to the BUCS Overall Points table.

There's also another episode of Blades TV - featuring highlights of recent Blades action and an interview with Matt and Larissa from our American Football Club.



Fencing Women’s 1st had their first away match of 2020 against their old rivals UCL 2nd. Essex was consistently in the lead in each weapon and achieved their best score of the season so far - winning 180:135. Many thanks to Carla who covered for a missing team member this match, she performed amazingly and added a positive vibe to the team.

Basketball Men's 3rd played at home against UEL 4th team and dominated from the beginning, being up 10-0 after 2 minutes. The strong performance ended with a 123-54 win for the Blades. Men’s 2nd had a tough loss away against London South Bank. Essex was in the lead during the first half however the scores were very close going into the 4th quarter. The match went into double over time, a tough stretch for the Blades and unfortunately ended with a 80-85 loss for Essex.

Hockey Men's 1st had an amazing win against Brunel Men’s 1st! The team held their own with Harvey Grew playing incredible in goal and rightfully receiving Man of the Match as a result of his great defensive play. The whole team played well, with Elliot Steele and Aidan Griggs scoring a goal each, resulting in a great start to the new year for the Blades with a 2-1 win!

Hockey Women’s 1st achieved an incredible 18-0 win against Kings College’s 5th. Essex played elegantly, dominating the match throughout. The players showed great skill on the pitch: Ellie Benfield skilfully evaded the opposition’s player and Co-Captain Sarah McKillop, birthday girl Lois Wright and Woman of the Match Claresta Yeo played a very strong attack throughout the game. The Blades have certainly set the tone by beginning the term continuing their undefeated streak within the BUCS league this year!

Both Men's and Women's Lacrosse played Imperial in two incredibly close fixtures...

Lacrosse Women’s 1st knew to expect a tough match having played Imperial in a league match earlier in the season. The game incurred a few injuries and some very strict refereeing. At the start of the final quarter the score was 7-7 but the Blades managed to secure the win with their final goal ending the game 9-8. Having fitness and skill sessions over the winter break benefited the team and made it easier to come back from a six week break since the last match.

Lacrosse Men’s 1st team at home, unfortunately, lost 11- 12 in the last quarter. Imperial have stood comfortably at the top of the league all season so going in Essex's aim was to improve on the 13-4 loss last season. Man of the match deservingly awarded to Barnie Lyons for an impressive five goals and the best performance the club has seen this season. Top performances for ground ball recoveries and goals went to Reinis Ruks (4), midfielders Chris Watts (1) & Florian Louinet (1).

Both Essex Lacrosse teams smile proudly after this week's results.



Fixtures: 34
Won: 17
Drew: 0
Lost: 17
Winning Percentage: 50%

In 2018/19, Essex recorded a winning percentage of 65.5% from 26 fixtures during Week 12.



Lacrosse Women’s 1st faced St. Mary’s 1st for the second time this season after a very tough away match against them at the start of the season. Essex played a great match working on clear defence, double marking players to keep them out from shooting. The Blades’ attack controlled the game and helped to bring the pace down. Essex won 11-3 and the match was ultimately cut short due to injuries for St Marys with no substitutes. The winning streak has continued for the team much to the hard work of Olivia Castle, Vice-Captain and runner-up for woman of the match, and woman of the match Essex 'keeper Alicia Taylor who is a key asset to the team.

Fencing Women’s 1st had possibly the most dramatic match of the season. The Blades successfully won the first match, beating Queen Mary 1st in Epee 45:17. Unfortunately, the second weapon was won by Queen Mary 35:45, leaving the overall win to be decided by the final weapon – Foil.  Due to some equipment failure and technical mistakes, Essex were down 13:30, making them push even harder in order to still win the overall score. The Blades made an incredible comeback, with team captain Vlada scoring an amazing 15 points and anchor Andy finishing the match strongly, Essex won by the overall score 119:106.



Fixtures: 48
Won: 27
Drew: 2
Lost: 19
Winning Percentage: 56.3%

In 2018/19, Essex recorded a winning percentage of 40.6% from 32 fixtures during Week 13.



Several members of our Athletics Club competed at the 4th LUCA Cross Country race in January. The race took place at Alexandra Palace, also known as the Allypally. The race course was reversed compared to previous years which meant the athletes had to run up a steep hill at the start of the race instead of running downhill at the end of the lap. The men did three laps and the women did two, each consisting of 2.75 miles. A special shoutout to Essex fresher Jamie Garry, she finished the race 19th out of 70 runners. 

Hockey’s Women’s 2nd played a friendly against Roehampton’s BUCS team in January. The Blades had a lot of determination going into the game and performed well as a team. They played a great match with many great defensive plays made by players such as Rachel Martin and unbelievable stamina, skill and attacking play demonstrated by Alisha Vale and Woman of the Match Nicole. Essex won 3-0, an amazing result setting the tone for the term ahead of the team.





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