Changing Your Name or Title

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Many students choose to change their name or title at university, and there are two different ways you can do this*, but both require you to reach out to the Student Services Hub, you can access it by clicking here.


The following forms of identification are accepted in electronic format or original copy in order to change a person’s legal name:

  • A valid passport
  • A marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • A divorce decree absolute or civil partnership final order
  • Change of name deed or enrolled deed poll
  • Statutory declaration of the new name

?The University does not change the formal record if satisfactory evidence of a legal change of name is not provided.


The University permits a student to indicate a preferred name and/or title as an alternative to the name on the formal system. Examples of circumstances where a preferred name may be applicable for use include:

  • International students wishing to adopt a different name during their time at the University
  • Transgender or non-binary students
  • Students in the East 15 Acting School, who may adopt a stage name
  • Students who wish to be known by a middle name rather than their first name
  • Personal security

?A preferred name and/or title is recorded separately on the formal system as the preferred name in addition to the legal name. It is used for the production of class lists and for more informal communication with the student. Changes to a preferred name and/or title are managed via the Student Services Hub, again upon request.

No formal documentation is required to make a change.

A student’s registration card is produced using the student’s legal name. Where the student wishes the card to show the preferred name, the student must request for the preferred name to be recorded on the formal system and for a replacement card to be produced. There is no charge for a replacement card where a preferred name is requested.

Where a student requests for a preferred name to be used before the registration card is produced, the preferred name will appear on the card. Where a student notifies the University of a change of name due to a change in their gender identity or marital status, there is no charge for the production of a replacement card.


*This information has been taken from the University Name Change Policy.


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