What is a Referendum?

What is the Gender Affirmation Fund?


The Gender Affirmation Fund offers trans students funding to purchase gender-affirming items. These items could include things like clothing, wigs, breast forms, binders, affirming swimwear, nail polish… the list goes on!

The fund has been organised by the Trans and Nonbinary Working Group, which was set up in light of the Reindorf Review. Its purpose is to ensure that changes are being made at the University to make trans students feel safe, seen and represented.

The fund is being promoted to students, staff, alumni, and external supporters to donate money. This means that, if you know somebody who would be interested in donating, we would appreciate you sharing this with them. The University has agreed to match some of this funding.

Each Pride Month there will be a fundraising event for the next academic year, but donations are accepted all year round!

After a period of fundraising, the fund will then open for people to apply. Each application will be reviewed by a group of trans people and allies who will be selected by the Working Group. We will keep you updated on when applications are open to you all.


Why is this fund important?

It has been proven how gender affirming items for trans people can drastically improve their mental health, and therefore improve their quality of life and experience at Essex. However, many of these items are very specialised and costly. In addition to this, any trans person who does not have the support of their family members will find it harder to get these items themselves. University is often the only place that trans students can fully be themselves, away from their family members. We therefore want to make it as easy as possible for them to get the items that they need


Donate to the fund 

If you would like to donate to the fund, simply follow this link: https://click.hubbub.net/p/EssexGAF/