10 reasons to volunteer with VTeam

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VTeam is the volunteering department of the Students' Union (SU) and we run loads of volunteering projects for Essex students.

In fact, there’s over 600 volunteering activities and over 100 individual opportunities available, all as part of your completely FREE SU membership!

We’re here to help you get an amazing degree and job, all whilst giving back to our local community. We help you gain valuable experience and help you identify your skills and potential!

There is so much to benefit from by volunteering with VTeam, so what are you waiting for?

10 reasons to volunteer with VTeam!

  1. Volunteering is the perfect way to keep morale high and feel proactive
  2. Helping others is great for mental health. It stimulates our minds, encourages the release of feel-good hormones and distracts us from negative thoughts
  3. Have the opportunity to meet and work with new people
  4. To try something different or new
  5. You can have some fun
  6. Its FREE!
  7. You can gain valuable skills and experience
  8. Enjoy various workshops and training
  9. Offers employability and CV boosting activities
  10. You can complete for awards and receive recognition


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