4 Things to Know About The Kitchen

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Nestled in a nook between the SU Bar and the stairs leading up to the SU Offices is a quaint little outlet that is affectionately known as the Kitchen, formally known as the Bakery, depending on who you ask.

During term-time, it is THE hotspot to grab a quick hot drink in between classes or some delicious, hot food served on demand. Premium coffee, quality customer service and competitive prices are the trademark tattoos of the Kitchen.

Here are 4 facts about this small but mighty SU outlet...

1. It was opened in September 2008. The Kitchen was formerly the home of a clothing and convenience shop that needed a bit of a spruce up. One of our brilliant managers, Mike Bamford, teamed up with Ginsters and Miko to put forward a proposal to the SU to open the Bakery. As they say, the rest is history!

2. Our coffee gives back to the world. If you scan the QR code on the leaflets in the Kitchen or visit this page, you’ll be able to let the amazing coffee producers that supply us with those lovely caffeinated beans a nice comment. Moreover, those comments will only improve and let the SU and the supplier know the quality of coffee that’s being delivered to you!

3. There are some amazing offers in there. Coffee and croissant deal? Check. Discounts for SU Student Staff? Check. The Kitchen and all of our venues are consistently thinking of innovative ways to help students save some extra pennies. We are committed in helping you be your best self at an affordable price

4. We score very highly on the NPS score. NPS is retail lingo for Net Promoter Score. The NPS is a compilation of student satisfaction in all of our venues and shows the potential for growth at our SU outlets. In May 2019, our NPS score was 81%. To give you a taster, we compete with the likes of Apple and Google so...*

*mic drop!




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