5 Differences Between College and University

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Starting University means your daily routine is about to drastically change (beyond probably waking up at midday a lot), here are some of the biggest changes that you might encounter when transitioning from college to university for the first time.  



At your college/sixth form there might have been a big gap between the different year groups. However at University, you will be mixing with people of all ages, and of all stages in their degree.

You’ll have a first-year student in your second-year class, year abroad students will be in Third Year when you’ve graduated (unless you go abroad too of course) and you’ll have students of all ages joining you as freshers (It’s not just 18-year-olds who go to Uni y’know!)

But the main difference is that this will all feel normal. And you will find that age and year groups don’t matter when it comes to making friends. You might find your circle is made up of your housemates or others on your course, or even the people you work with at a part-time job. Or maybe you’ll be a social butterfly and float from group to group. There are so many opportunities to find others on your wavelength that you’ll end up meeting so many different people from all walks of life, and you’ll socialise in ways you probably haven’t socialised before.



Instead of having to worry about learning 3 or 4 subjects in detail to pass your exams, at Uni you dedicate your time to studying just one subject (or two if you have a combined degree!).

Brush up on your knowledge of your subject more by working independently. Classes and Lectures are only a small part of the educational experience at Uni.

All students have reading lists, assignments, essays and presentations to get on with, and also lectures and seminars to attend. Try and avoid thinking that doing the bare minimum will get you through; after all, you're here to get an amazing degree, and that takes a lot of dedication to independent learning.



This is likely to be the first time you’ve moved away from home, so we want you to imagine the possibilities… and no we're not talking about Coco Pops for dinner (although we’ve all tried that at least once…)

You have so much more time to do things you want to do, and fill your time however you like. You’ll be able to make your own path and you’ll learn a lot about yourself and what it’s like to be independent.

There's a flip side to this though, you do have more responsibility. You’ll have to do all the shopping, cooking and hopefully, you’ll do your laundry occasionally too. It’s all about that general adulating life here at Uni.



Imagine calling your lecturers by their first name, rolling up to seminars with coffee and a chocolate bar, and not having to ask permission to use the loo... well, that’s exactly what studying at university is like.

You’re treated like adults and scholars, not school students.

And although the atmosphere is a bit of a change, it’s always a welcome one once you adjust.



Most freshers that join our family will be from colleges that are a fraction of the size of Essex, so it can be a bit intimidating. But, like all Essex students, you will grow into yourself and learn to be the best you can be once you start here.

You might even make BNOC status*... 


*Big Name on Campus (Just make sure it’s for the right reasons).


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