5 Sports You Probably Haven't Played Before

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Whether you want to have a go at something you’ve never tried before, or just looking for a fresh challenge, you’ll find it at Essex.

Getting involved in sport doesn’t just help your physical health, but it helps your mental health too, and it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. It’s also a great opportunity to let off some steam and get away from the stresses of everyday life (and all those deadlines).

Beginners are always welcome to join any team, so why not go wild and choose something you might have never heard of before?

These are our top 5 ‘what-on-earth-is-that?’ clubs.



Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art developed centuries ago, combining fighting with dance, play, theatre, rhythms and music. It helps improve balance, resistance and motor co-ordination.

This is a sport that walks hand in hand with music, as learning the art of Capoeira also means learning the songs and instruments that provide the background to the activity.

It has a rich history, it’s cultural and it’s as artistic as it is active. This is not one to miss.

Find out more and sign up here.



This is a fast-paced five-a-side football game, usually played indoors with hockey sized goals and a reduced bounce ball.

Blending basketball, American football and hockey this high energy game will keep you on your toes.

Want to know more? Click Here.



This is the first truly mixed team sport in the world. It’s fast-paced, suitable for anyone and is similar to netball and basketball.

Every team must have four males, and four females, it’s a friendly, dynamic team sport as well as being a non-contact sport.

Sound like your kind of thing? Click here.



That cute little game you’d play in the park on a sunny day? Yeah, that’s a competitive sport too.

Players pass a disk between their team to try and get it to the opposite endzone. This game is sort of like netball and football but with all of the fun of Frisbee with your friends.

Want to give it a go? Click here to find out more.



Want to experience the life of a fish for a day? This is Essex’s SCUBA diving club. It welcomes beginners and the experienced alike and provides many opportunities for members to gain experience, certifications and qualifications.

They even have a trial session so you can give SCUBA a go (and so you can see if the club is for you if you are considering diving sub-aqua as a long-term club while you’re at Essex)

Dive into Sub Aqua by clicking here.



As of this year, based on student feedback, there’s no longer a need to buy the £20 Essex blades pass to sign up for the sports clubs!

To be a part of the club, all you need to do is join up as a member. All the different club membership options are listed on each club’s webpage, with a description of what each membership covers. There’s usually a free basic membership, but most clubs have a fee if you want to play for the team, to help keep the clubs running.

You can sign up as a member oN the sports website (see below), but you can also join up at the come and try sessions and at Fresher’s Fair.

Still not sure? Why not try the BBC Get Inspired 'What sport should you be playing?' quiz.

To find out more about sport at Essex and find a full list of all our Essex Blades Sports Clubs, visit

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And if you want to get active, and try out new sports but you don’t want the commitment of joining a team, you might want to check out Just Play. With a huge variety of events across the terms, these sessions are perfect for anyone to get involved in.


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