5 Things I love about Cheer

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The Essex Flames are the University of Essex’s cheerleading and dance squad. We have three Cheerleading teams, with 2 competitive and 1 game day performance team, as well as dance groups with 2 competitive teams in lyrical dance and pom dance.

We are proud members of the Essex Blades after a successful season of achieving places such as 1st for our lyrical dance team, 2nd for our pom team in pom dance and 3rd for our Level 2 Competitive team ‘Inferno’ in the Future Cheer University Nationals Competition.

The Essex Flames are honoured to accept the Club of the Year Award 2020 as Blades members as well as being awarded a Gold Standard.

Here are my 5 Things I Love about Cheer:

1. The experience of travelling to different cities over the county to compete nationally against other universities.

2. The friendships created in the teams which grow throughout training together as well as social nights on a Wednesday.

3. The excitement of performing infront of thousands of people when we compete and the thrill of being a source of support for other Blades teams when we perform on game days.

4. The rush you get from either a successful training session or successful performance when a certain stunt or routine hits perfect.

5. Cheer helps us all to keep active as well as maintain strength and flexibility at university.


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