5 great reasons why becoming a student rep will change your University experience

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Student Reps are the group of students that have their ear to the ground and support the whole Students’ Union in ensuring that students get the best possible experience at Essex. 

So, here’s 5 great reasons why to become a student rep:

1.       Allow you to have a say on your education

You’ll have the chance to tell the University directly where things in your education are not going right!

2.       Opportunity to shape your University life

University life is a massive part of your University experience. By being a Student Rep, you’ll have a direct line to those who decide what University life is like.

3.       When things go wrong, you are in a great position to fix them

If something happens to your education that doesn’t seem right, you are in the best position to fix it. You can reach out easily to our team in the SU, as well as knowing people in the University who will be able to make real change. 

4.       Looks fantastic on your CV – boost employability

Improving employability is a big reason a lot of people come to University. Take an opportunity to boost your CV and add to your Essex award through volunteering!

5.       Be in regular communication with those who can help put your ideas into action

If you want to see change and make sure it happens; this is one of the best ways. You’ll be in regular contact with the changemakers of the University so changing stuff couldn’t be easier!

So, if you’re someone who wants to help people, you’re someone who wants to make change, or you’re just someone who doesn’t like when things aren’t right – join the Student Reps today, click here to sign up:


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