5 things we do at Rebel

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Rebel is the voice of the students. A place for creative expression, that's free and inclusive to all. 

We are the voice of students

Rebel has the autonomy to allow members to talk about what matters to them.

Our home is the SU Creative Studios

We have a central editing suite with macs and pc’s with the full adobe creative cloud and 4 mini studios for radio and tv broadcast.

We are the place to explore your creative side

Whether  you are new to writing, radio broadcast or video editing or been creating content for years. Rebel is a place to explore your creative side, try new things and develop your skills set.

We provide a platform to showcase yourself

All content that Rebel members create goes up on where you can showcase articles, videos and radio shows and build a portfolio.

We are student led

Our members start projects that they want to do.


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