7 Ways to get Support

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By Vinnosh Kumur, VP Welfare

1. SU Advice

As a Students' Union, we want to hear your concerns and worries. We want you to be confident in addressing your problems and make informed decisions if something goes wrong. SU Advice can give you free, confidential, and impartial advice on a whole range of issues. They’re located on Square 3. For more information, visit SU Advice

2.Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service (SWIS)

Fancy nickname, eh? SWIS is a service provided by the University to ensure that you can get professional advice to reach your full potential. SWIS is like our older sibling. They can provide counselling and referral to specialist services that are able to help you conquer the world, whether its short term or long term. SWIS calls the Silberrad Centre on the 2nd floor their home. For more information, visit SWIS.

3. Health Centre on Campus

Not feeling too great? Head over to the Health Centre to visit a General Practitioner (GP) on campus. The wonderful doctors and nurses in our Health Centre can provide a wide range of NHS Services with the convenience of being located on campus. The Health Centre is right next to Rayleigh Tower on the north side of campus. For more information, visit the Health Centre webpage.

4. Your Personal Tutor

If you wanted to kick back and have a coffee with a staff member, this is your chance. Every single student is allocated a personal tutor. Personal tutors are there to advise and support you on a wide range of issues academically. Personal tutors are usually a member of staff from your department. Head to the university webpage here for more information.

5. Spiritual Guidance

We celebrate people from many different religions and cultures. For many, religion and cultural practices form a very important part of daily life, and we are committed to supporting this. Our Faith Centre is dedicated to people from all religions. It’s a space to worship, reflect, socialize and meditate. The Faith Centre is located on Level 3 on campus. More information can be found on the Faith Centre webpage.

6. Financial Support

Whether you’re local, European, or international, we all have different approaches in money management. One of the biggest responsibilities of being a University student is having open and frank conversations about how we can manage our money better. There are loads of resources on money management and financial aid online.

7.Skills for Success

If race cars have a pit stop, you have Skills for Success before you are launched into the working world. We recognize that having a world class degree also means you need world-class skills to. The team can offer 1:1 advising, workshops, modules and English Language Support to students from all levels of study. More information on Skills for Success can be found here. All Skills for Success workshops, appointments and events are bookable though the Career Hub


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