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This month the SU are taking part in Plastic Free July. Staff members are promising to give up an item of plastic for the month, because even the smallest changes make a big difference. If you feel like joining us then feel free, send us a message on our social @essexsu and let us know what you’ve chosen to give up.

There are so many small swaps that can be made and they all make a lot of difference to the fight against plastic. Each week for the whole of July we will be posting on social media and writing articles with suggestions of swaps you can make in your life to cut down on plastic.

This week we are focusing on cutting down on plastic in your home.

There are some really simple swaps that you can make this month (and hopefully longer if it works out well for you).

You can ditch the sponge, and invest in dishcloths instead. If you put them in the wash every couple of days they can last you years!

But if that’s not quite cutting it for those harder to clean items, you can get a pot brush easily in high street shops or online. They will last a lot longer than your average sponge.

Eco-clean pads are also an option; they are made from bamboo and can be composted when you’ve finished with them.

Did you know that tea bags also contain plastic? Ditch them in favour of loose leaf tea with a tea strainer.

These are just the start of what you can change in your own home to help cut down on plastic.
But just swapping one thing will make so much difference.

Are you ready to take on our plastic promise?



Your SU x


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