Deadly Deadlines

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Yesterday it was the turn of the ‘My Course’ Big Plan team to hold their splash event out on the squares.

The ‘My Course’ team are working on two important things this year, they are planning to help fix the paternoster, and they are working with students and departments to challenge how deadlines are set.

If you want to read more about these goals you can do here.

With regards to the paternoster repairs, they have already started reviewing the works timetable and have established links with Sheffield University who are also repairing their own paternoster too.

But yesterday the main focus was deadlines. The team went out into Square Five armed with free Halloween treats and asked over 100 students:

  • Deadline dates were made available to them when selecting modules?
  • If they had multiple deadlines on the same day or a lot of deadlines in the same week?
  • If they had specific examples of this?

Positively, a lot of students were already happy with their deadlines with Law and Psychology coming out on top.

However, there were still concerns from students about some of their upcoming deadlines. Some had multiple deadlines on the same day, others with bunched deadlines and some with multiple essays with demanding word counts in the same week. One student highlighted that the deadlines weren’t clear enough on Moodle.

Education Co-ordinators and Convenors will be raising the issues highlighted at forthcoming student voice groups. But the team will also be sending feedback to the departments who are already getting things right to celebrate the positive changes they have been making.

Next on the agenda for the ‘My Course’ team is to take this feedback back to their next meeting, and use it to shape their next steps in moving forward with the improvement of deadlines.

If you want to get involved and start making changes in your own course you can find out more here, and book on to training here.


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